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We're on a mission to reconnect people to the soul of the game. Do you share that same interest? Then we invite you to come play with us.

Our affiliate program is a simple way to share Linksoul with your community. Sign-up for our program and you'll be given a unique tracking link. Mention Linksoul on your website, blog, email or social media and use the tracking link to refer readers to You'll earn a percentage of sales from site visitors that make a purchase.

We selected AvantLink for robust third-party tracking and timely commission payments. When someone clicks on the tracking link, a tracking cookie is placed on their computers browser and records sales for up to 45 days. When that site visitor makes a purchase, you'll earn up to 8% commission for that referral. At the end of each month, AvantLink reports your total earnings and sends you a check.

We also have banner creative and a complete product catalog

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