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Because life is better with a dog.

In honor of National Dog Month, we bring you the Glowin' the Bark Charity Dog Bandana. Made from 100% comfy cotton, this bandana not only features glow-in-the-dark Linksoul logos but it helps save pets' lives.

100% of the proceeds from the sale of this bandana + any additional donation you wish to make will go directly to Waggle, a nonprofit that acts as the trusted safety net you need when you cannot afford a veterinary bill.

We exist because we believe in a world where no pet is euthanized for financial reasons.

Waggle is a revolutionary, not-for-profit crowdfunding model created by a group animal lovers that set out on a mission to change the way pet safety nets work. They know how easy it is to be down on your luck and to have to choose between your pet and paying your bills. Together with some of the finest minds in the veterinary and pet industry, they're here to help you save your pet's life.


Your pet needsveterinary care

Your pet needs care

Your pet needs veterinary care that you can not afford.

Create a Waggle campagin

Create a Waggle campagin

It's free! You’ll need your vet's contact info, medical estimate, and a photo of your pet.

Waggle reviews

Waggle reviews case

Once approved, your campaign is posted on their Meet Pets in Crisis page.

Your pet could be chosen for a grant

Grant or sponsorship

Waggle partners with celebrities and other nonprofits to help pets in need. Your pet may qualify for a matching grant or sponsorship.

Step 1

Your Vet Is Paid

Your vet sends Waggle the care invoice and they pay them directly.


Select an amount & click "donate now"