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Lee Elder 1975

Our goal has always been to bring people together in the spirit of golf. To show that this game is far better suited for tearing down barriers than putting them up. Few golfers embodied that spirit more than Lee Elder … In 1975, he became the first Black golfer allowed to play at Augusta and provided a vision of what golf could be. Lee passed away in 2021, leaving behind a legacy that will live on through the game and his family.

After standing lovingly by his side for 30 years, his wife, Sharon, now faces a serious health crisis of her own and is embattled with Alzheimer’s. Faced with mounting medical bills, rising healthcare costs, and no meaningful income to assist, the family is raising money to provide her care – which was of paramount concern to Lee. We made the “Thank You, Mr. Elder” Charity Tee to commemorate Lee’s accomplishments and support his family. 100% of the proceeds from the sale of this t-shirt + any additional donation you wish to make will go directly to the Lee Elder Trust to cover his wife’s healthcare costs and sustain the Lee Elder Memorial Fund to grow his legacy and expand the reach of golf.


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Together, we've raised $30,048* for the Lee Elder Trust!

*Funds raised on through the Thank you, Mr. Elder Charity Tee and direct donations are being directly donated to the Lee Elder Trust and are not reflected in the GoFundMe fundraiser.