Linksouldiers, you are unreal. In less than 24 hours we have blown past our $10k goal to support Ukrainians through Sunflower of Peace.

So we’ve decided to raise the bar. Our new goal is now $100,000. This will help be an amazing contribution for those affected by the violence and in need of vital medical and humanitarian aide.

Make Par Not War

The idea of “Make Par / Not War” came from a very real conversation between John and me, regarding the ramifications of war, just after 9-11. It was never meant to be a witty catch phrase. For us it represents how we choose to live and move through this life. Meaning simply: Do your best. Find your peace.

So it must be said… We are continually dumbfounded that anyone... of any political affiliation, empire or faith... would ever send someone else’s children to kill someone else’s children. It will never make sense to us. Yet here we are… again.

And so as long as the powerful continue to feed inequality and unrest, the actions we must take are still clear: We do our best. And we find our peace.

With this in mind, we offer you our latest rendition of "Make Par/ Not War"… Our “Sunflower of Peace” Charity Tee. 100% of the proceeds from the sale of this t-shirt + any additional donation you wish to make will go directly to Sunflower of Peace in support of their mission to provide vital medical and humanitarian aide to those affected by the violence in Ukraine.

Our mission with Linksoul has always been to make things we love with the people we love for the good of our community. It is an absolute honor to have amassed a following of likeminded people who are willing to do their best, and help find peace.

Thank you,

Geoff Cunningham and John Ashworth
Co-founders of Linksoul

Sunflowers of Peace Logo


Is a nonprofit organization with a mission to mobilize support and aid for Ukrainian orphans, internally displaced persons, and those most affected by the current situation by providing medical assistance and other necessities.

$78,015 Raised for Sunflower of Peace

It’s time to do what you do, Linksouldiers. Buy, give, share, tag and spread this around. And let’s hope we can stop making these tees someday.