True x Linksoul Slip-On

We are proud to announce our third collaboration with our friends at True Linkswear. Our deepest yet... a new, innovative and completely custom style, made specifically for the Linksouldier. 

“We really wanted to build a casual, comfortable slide on shoe with the golfer’s lifestyle in mind. Basically the Linksoul slip is a shoe that anyone would be happy to slide on and wear all day and hope to escape the office early to play a little golf without skipping a beat." -- Jason Moore, True Linkswear


Cruise through your entire day in comfort with easy versatility to react to whatever might come your way.

Needing a more snug, active fit? The mid-foot stability strap easily adjusts to lock in your ideal feel. These lightweight slip-on's are packed with quality details including a full suede upper, foam midsole and proprietary rubber tread for grip.
“I try to avoid laces whenever possible and been a slip on guy for years now. These are super comfy and great for traveling or working at the Lab on a daily basis, also perfect for an impromptu casual quick 9 (should that happen to occur)." -- John Ashworth, Linksoul. 

Insole art by co-founder, Geoff Cunningham, and LINKSOUL embossed lettering on the heel pull make these subtly distinct. 

“This shoe is one of the first concepts John and I ever designed at Linksoul ten years ago, but we couldn’t pull it off without the design and technical sense that True brought to the table. PS… Besides the look and feel, this shoe is about as light as the phone you are holding right now.” -- Geoff Cunningham, Linksoul

The slip-on comes in a light grey and perforated charcoal. $148. Much love from our LS team. Enjoy! 

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