City Approves 30-Year Lease for Goat Hill Park

A few years ago, we were fighting an uphill battle against a group of billionaire developers who were looking to destroy a staple of Oceanside's community. The then-Center City Golf Course was struggling desperately to keep its head above water, and we were going to be damned before our local muni turned into a decaying concrete parking lot, just as several courses in San Diego had done before.

Thanks to a group of like-minded residents of San Diego and the greater golf community—including the likes of Bill Murray, Mark Wahlberg, Kelly Slater, and Adam Scott —Goat Hill Park was granted a two-year lease. Today, by the grace of so many hard-working individuals, the City Council unanimously approved of an extension for another 30 years.

During the hearing, Councilwoman Esther Sanchez said, “I really like what John Ashworth has been doing out there, and I know that this is a work of love for him.” Esther couldn't have been more right. The Goat was—and still is—a work of love. It's infinitely more than just a golf course to a lot of people. This historic landmark has been around since 1952 and it has since become a place for the community to gather. It's a place of recreation and a safe haven for kids. Our original intention was to build a place that was affordable and accessible for the working-class golfer, the junior golfer, and the entire community as an outdoor mecca for recreation and socializing. Above all, it has become a beacon of golf's roots, reminding us that the enjoyment and fellowship of the walk will always outlive the score.

It goes without saying that we're ecstatic that the Goat's legacy will live on. It has provided us with an immeasurable amount of joy and we'd love nothing more than to pass it on. To another 30 years!

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