First Look: Linksoul Lab, Oceanside

We've only ever had one rule of thumb when it comes to what we create at Linksoul. Put simply: We only make stuff we would want to use. We only make clothes we would want to wear. We only post the photos we would want to see. etc... you get the idea. So when it came to opening our company store, we applied the same laws and filled it with the things we would want to buy.  (Which we do… to the point where it has become where we all shop now too.)
We are more than pleased to announce the opening of our new company store at our home base, the Linksoul Lab in Oceanside.  And we couldn’t be more proud.  Not only will you find the latest and greatest from our current lines, you’ll also find our collaborations with the brands we love, and lots of other bits of things we find awesome, including Rais Case and Raen Optics (Oceanside), Craft + Foster (Carlsbad), Wegener Surf (Cardiff-by-the-Sea),  Sanford Shapes (Leucadia),  Folk Project (Vista), Norden Goods (Carlsbad) and Kronos Golf (Oceanside). “We opened the Oceanside store to give our loyal San Diego locals an interactive shopping environment that feels comfortable, and above all else, is a memorable experience. We think the shop feels like home. We designed the shop with just enough grit, while also carrying high-end goods that nicely complement the Linksoul lifestyle. It’s a place to spend time and connect with our Linksoul culture." - Patrick Keegan, resident merch nerd. oside-blog-2crop

Oceanside has long been the home of Linksoul. With our golf course Goat Hill Park just one mile away and our head office right next door, the retail store was a natural addition to our growing brand. It will be a living, evolving space, with artistic additions and collaboration pieces completing the experience. So whether it’s a custom surfboard, the latest Linksoul tee, or you just want people to talk to or a dog to pet, swing by and say hi anytime between 10am and 5pm (or depending on when we leave to tee it). (Located at 528 S. Coast Hwy, Oceanside, Calif. Store hours are Monday- Thursday 10-5, Friday 10-Golf. Oceanside is the second of the Linksoul Lab retail locations. Store no. 1 is located in Huntington Beach, Calif. at Pacific City.) 


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