Goat Hill Park Celebrates 3 Year Anniversary

July 1, 2017 marked our third year of stewardship over Goat Hill Park. Every year that passes successfully feels like a vindication for our love’s labor, like our kid’s growing up, but the last twelve months have been notably big. 

As of November 2016, our entire park became irrigated with reclaimed water in huge thanks to the City of Oceanside. This has significantly cut water costs which keeps greens fees accessible while also shrinking our water footprint. We get to be the kind of resident that we like to be–good to our neighbors and environmentally responsible.

Around the same time we flipped the reclaimed water switch, the city granted us a 30 year lease extension to continue to develop the Goat into a model for public golf. We’re building a space in the spirit of the great Scottish links courses, it’s about people and place coming together over the common goal of putting a ball in a cup with a stick, or the disk in the net, or just putting feet in the cool grass.

This June we proudly welcomed our first group of caddies into our Caddie and Leadership Academy in partnership with the North County Junior Golf Association (501.c3). The Academy gives teens each the opportunity to learn the ropes of caddying and further develop their knowledge of the game while building people skills, making new friends, and developing confidence that will serve them on and off the course. The students attend weekly caddie meetings, engage in community service, and even mentor one another. It's an exciting time to see them develop and flourish in their game, and as humans. 

We commemorated our birthday this year by hosting a King of the Hill tournament. Filled with community and the vibe we dreamt about creating only a short time ago. Needless to say, we’ve come a long way, and as course improvements continue, we know there’s so much more coming in the next three decades. Click around for info, drop by for a round, come hang out!

GHP Founders L to R: David Emerick, Geoff Cunningham, John Ashworth

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