Introducing the Linksouldier Golf Bag

Sophistication with a touch of modern. Simple yet feature-rich.… There are many ways we would describe our new Linksouldier Golf Bag and we’re pretty sure you’ll be adding your own in no time.


Your golf bag needs to work hard, day-in, day-out. We get that. But there’s no reason it can’t look damn good at the same time. That was the premise we started from when our design team set to work on a golf bag that could bear the Linksoul name with pride.


So what’s so special about this bag? Let’s just say the Linksouldier Golf Bag comes loaded with features designed with you in mind. From its pen holder to its large outside pocket and front and side storage pockets, you will find a home for all your essentials. The umbrella holder, rain cover and storm flaps on the zippers will ensure inclement weather has no influence over your game, and if you thought we would forget the insulated beverage holder, you don’t know us well enough yet.


But, words can only describe so much…


Shop the Linksouldier Golf Bag here:

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