Linksoul Presents The Wishbone Brawl

A Persimmon Woods Exhibition Match at Goat Hill Park in Oceanside, Calif. Charley Hoffman and Chris Riley vs. Xander Schauffele and Dean Wilson 

November 25, 2017

After a decade of daydreaming, so many things came to be today. Pros striped persimmon woods we made, on a course we saved, in front of a community we adore, for a beautiful cause...and for the love of the game. And in one, incredible day, golf went back to its roots to find its future. As was heard over and over and over again from the gallery... THIS is how golf should be. (Just like it used to be.) And it's only the beginning... 

-Geoff Cunningham, Linksoul co-founder & art director 

An absolute magical day at Goat Hill Park to help out Raegan's Recovery where the locals came together to help locals. Huge thanks and gratitude to SD locals, Charley, Chris, Xander, and Dean for their kindness & generosity in playing this throwback exhibition and hitting those persimmon woods so pure! Even though Xander and Dean got the bigger half of the Wishbone, everyone was a winner! For those who came out to witness the inaugural Wishbone Brawl they were treated to a magic day...

-John Ashworth, Linksoul co-founder 

Have to say big thanks to John and Matt Ginella for some series lessons in what golf and entertainment could and should be. Yet the word 'thanks' doesn't begin to express the feeling of gratitude that I have for this game, the people I've found in it and all it has done for me as a person - to make me into who I am. If you play and love it, you know the feeling I'm referring to. It's the keys to the kingdom... So it was a great Thanksgiving weekend and I look forward to this tradition continuing and telling kids how I was there at the beginning, when I'm Peter Beames' age... Sporting a 7 iron for a cane.

-Erik Anders Lang, co-host of The Wishbone Brawl & host of Adventures In Golf

From flip-flops to mic drops, The Wishbone Brawl had it all. And although Xander and Dean took out Charley and Chris, it was more about cause and community. "Locals helping locals." And it's always about the magic of The Goat.

-Matt Ginella, co-host of The Wishbone Brawl & Golf Channel travel correspondant


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