Luck of the Linksouldier / Chuy in Kandui

Linksouldier and global surf ambassador Chuy Reyna declined an invite to the Kandui Resort in the Mentawais four times before Adam Scott got him on board.

Scott along with Rafael Cabrera-Bello, John Strom, and Paul Lego were already in China for WGC event in Shanghai. From there it was a quick hop to Padang airport and a little open-water crossing between the city/tournament mayhem and 5 days of all-you-can-surf buffet. Chuy reflected on the converging forces that made it happen, “I guess you could call it luck of the Linksouldier”.

The surf was average for the Mentawais, “the boat guys would just shrug and hang out on the boat saying it was too small.” But the crew had a field day, every day. Land activities were limited to necessary functions like sleeping; otherwise the crew was taking advantage of empty line-ups and an endless supply of reeling point breaks and reefs.

Cabrera-Bello had to leave early to make up for 5 days of playing hooky for the surf. Then rough seas between the Mentawais and Sumatra almost kept him off of his flight, which might have been a good excuse to just stay at Kandui forever.

The rest of the guys stopped in Australia to catch a flight home and snuck a round of Gold Coast golf into the mix for a poetic little bookend.



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