5-Time National Blind Golf Champion Jeremy Poincenot

Meeting and spending time with Jeremy Poincenot is a great reminder of why we ever wanted to start something like Linksoul: to hang out with fascinating people and hear their stories. Jeremy is legally blind. Interestingly enough, he's also the World Blind Golf champion. And if his story doesn’t remind you to focus on the good in your own life, the stamped leather keychain he hands out that says “focus on the good” certainly will.

“It’s a keychain,” he says with a grin. “So that when you are driving, you’ll remember that I can’t.”

This is where you laugh, because you realize your secret is out. At times, we're all guilty of taking life for granted. Just like Jeremy did before he lost most of his sight. It’s just what we do, but Jeremy is here to help us open our eyes. We recommend getting to know Jeremy and checking out the World Blind Golf Championships. If one needed proof that there was indeed more to this game than meets the eye, here you have it.

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