TRUE x Linksoul

No surprise that our TRUE Linkswear x Linksoul Knit collaboration is about more than just the shoe. Jason (TRUE’s creative director) and John met on the course a half decade ago in the Northwest and found that they had a similar love for the game, a desire for golfwear to look more like regular clothes, and a taste for walking 18 holes.
TRUE tweaked the functional aspects of their design for years until they came up with a shoe that is soft as a sock, water and oil-repellent, and supportive. They even developed a proprietary tread that grips the turf and still functions well off the course, or in Jason’s words, “seamlessly transition from the links to our everyday lives.” That ethos might sound familiar, and on John’s part the TRUE Knit was the first time he “wanted to wear a shoe that claimed to be a golf shoe when [he] knew he wasn’t going to play golf.” TRUE Knits are actually part of John’s work “uniform” here at the Lab, they allow him to sneak up to Goat Hill Park to play a few holes between meetings and not have to worry about changing shoes.


Both of our brands have an almost familial similarity in the way we see contributions to the game and the collaboration became something that Jason describes as “not only fun but natural.” John notes that Linksoul and TRUE are both independent companies going against the multinational-corporate grain with an appreciation for golf’s soul, and walking. Jason, for his part said “it’s just great to see two west coast brands working together and merging their influences.”

At the end of the day, our team is stoked to put the Linksoul stamp and signature palette on a walking golfer’s shoe… and we’ll only take them off to go surfing.

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