Linksoul Woods / Art Series by Parnography

Dear Linksouldiers, 
We founded Linksoul on the idea of reconnecting people to the soul of the game. This still holds true, and it's this soulfulness driving us to create things that will resonate with you, that you will find special. 
Many hours of my childhood were spent in surf shops, fascinated by the rows and rows of unique, hand-shaped surfboards. Each one with finished with its own artwork, meant to complement their future rider and unlock a connection within them.

In the evenings, I watched my grandfather repair persimmon woods. After dinner I was allowed to go out to his studio and sit at the end of his workbench. I watched him pour the lead into the heads, varnish the wood and redo the whipping. I was mesmerized by all the steps it took to make just one.

As an artist, I’ve long wanted to work with woods myself, not only to share the tradition of handcrafting something that is a joy to use, but also to make them personal and one-of-a-kind. When we started our collaboration with the incredible team at Louisville Golf, I was finally lucky enough to get the chance.
It is with great personal pleasure that I introduce you to this first set of ten hand-painted persimmon woods, which will hopefully lead to many more. 
As always, thank you for your continued support.

Enjoy every shot, 
Geoff Cunningham
Cofounder / Art Director of Linksoul

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