Linksoul Lab Huntington Beach Opens Its Doors

If you had told us five years ago that this is where we’d be today, we probably would’ve thought you were crazy. Somewhere along the way, we realized this thing had taken on a life of its own and we were just along for the ride. Last September we were humbled to reveal the latest addition to the Linksoul legacy with the opening of our first brick-and-mortar shop at the Pacific City shopping center, located just a few hundred feet from the iconic Huntington Beach Pier in Southern California. While shoppers today are increasingly turning to e-commerce by the droves, traditional store fronts are taking a back seat. As a result, consumers have, in many ways, been disconnected with their favorite brands. When we opened the Linksoul Lab, we wanted our customers to connect with the brand in a way that no computer screen or tablet could. Call us old-school, but we believe in really being immersed in a shop atmosphere to fully soak it in. We wanted to give our customers the ability to see it, feel it, rub it against their cheeks, and see if their significant other approves. (Hint: They will.) More than a shop, the Linksoul Lab is an experience—it’s a studio that showcases the hard work from an amazing, creative group of people who became family through the common love for golf. It’s who we are and it's our intention to share that experience with you.

In addition to finding the complete range of Linksoul gear (including our new Spring ’17 line, which is truly amazing) we’re fortunate to carry a wide variety of different brands, art, and relevant gear we admire. That said, it’s quite common to be drawn the putting green or Linksoul-curated artwork before convincing yourself that you’re in desperate need of a vintage bicycle and custom surfboard. And for those not in need of a makeover, the Linksoul Lab is simply a rad, welcoming place to hang out. Plus, our friendly staff is always ready to be challenged to a shuffleboard or ping-pong match. Try us… Address: 21046 Pacific Coast Hwy h110, Huntington Beach, CA 92648 Hours: M-F (10AM-9PM) Saturday (10AM-8PM) Sunday (11AM–6PM) Stay tuned for the opening of the Linksoul Lab in Oceanside, CA this spring!

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