R.I.P Costco's Kirkland Ball,
Hello Snell's Make Par / Not War Ball

Last November, Costco released the Kirkland Signature ball and golfers the world over were pouring into the retail giant for reasons beyond greedily devouring free samples while stocking up on an entire year's supply of toilet paper and paper towels. With a ball said to rival the industry's "premium" golf balls (like the Titleist Pro V1, among others) at a fraction of the cost, the expression, "You get what you pay for" was once again turned on its head. The K. Sig. craze, however, was short-lived. Citing supply chain issues, Costco was struggling to meet demand and spokespersons today still remain uncertain as to when, if ever, the balls will return to the shelves.

For those still looking to get your paws on a sleeve, it's going to cost you. In fact, a dozen Kirland Signatures are going for as much as $180 USD on eBay. We don't have to tell you that paying $15 per ball, or even $5 per ball is utterly ridiculous. We have a much better idea: Give our Snell Make Par / Not War balls a try and treat your mates to a week's worth of post-round beers instead. Here's why:

Similar to Costco's commercial advantages, Snell doesn't dish out millions of dollars for marketing, advertising, player contracts, sales reps, and steep overhead. As a result, the savings are passed on to the consumer, who, in turn, is receiving a Tour-caliber ball at nearly half the price of Snell's expensive competitors.

snell make par not war golf

Dean Snell, founder of Snell Golf, has over 28 years of experience working in research and development for companies like Titleist and Taylormade. He currently holds around 40 ball patents and he's the inventor the Pro V1, Professional, Penta, and Tour Preferred. So to say the man knows a lot about golf ball quality would be a massive understatement. The three-piece, premium golf ball is engineered to provide outstanding tee-to-green performance and has a mission to enhance scoring for golfers of all skill levels. (A quick Google search will reveal an abundance of testimonies and reviews from people who say the Snell performs the same, if not better, than its pricey counterparts.) "One tester described the Snell as 'a better Pro V1' and we can’t help but agree. It's as if Dean Snell took the very best of his past work and rolled it all into a single ball." -MyGolfSpy

The truth is, our partnership with Snell provides much more than a quality ball. Over the years, golf has somehow become synonymous with wealth and too many would-be golfers are choosing to opt out of the game because "it's too expensive." And that doesn't sit well with us. We believe golf—and the friendships and valuable lessons that come with it—should be available to everyone. Similar to Costco, we've found it difficult to keep the Make Par / Not War balls in stock so it would be wise to get 'em while they're hot. Order yours here:

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